Kevin J M Keane

Poetry / Lyrik / Poésie

Memorial Day: The Unmaking of a Sonnet
Gedenktage: Sonettver-weigerungen
Réminiscences du Sonnet
Winter Drei, Winters Three, Hivers Trois


“A Category Theory of the Shakespearean Sonnet” (in preparation: spring, 2021).

“Petrarch and the Sestina: Formalization and Ring Composition” (in preparation: autumn, 2020).

“Bad Anachronism and the Early Evolution of the Sestina: the End-Words in Arnaut Daniel’s “Lo Ferm Voler” and Dante Alighieri’s “Al Poco Giorno” as Ring Composition” (submitted: February, 2020).

‘Antithesis, Chiasmus, and Symmetry in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 105.’ 2015.

„Antithese, Chiasmus und Symmetrie in Shakespeares Sonett 105.“ 2015.

„Verbinden der Formalen Merkmale des Sonetts: eine Theorie der ,,centred form.“ 2015.

‘Relating the Formal Characteristics of the Sonnet: A Theory of Centred Form.’ 2011, revised 2015.


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