Memorial Day Project

The Memorial Day Project is dedicated to the homeless female veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. It relates to all of war’s victims.

memorialday with wordsIn 2010, I published a collection of sonnets, Memorial Day: The Unmaking of a Sonnet, a reflection on love and survival in time of war.

The e-book version is available for downloading at iTunes, and Barnes & Noble; hard copies are available from the Grolier Poetry Bookshop in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

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If you wish, you can visit the Memorial Day Project on SoundCloud, open an account via the link at the top of the page, and add your voice to show your support for this initiative.


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  1. Iris Brooks says:

    Thanks for your heartfelt effort to reach out. My heart goes out to our Veterans and to the homeless. We need to be careful how we judge others, as we never know the real situation. If you read about us, me and my husband went from having pretty much a normal life, to ending up homeless, cold, & very ill from environmental poisoning. We had to flee everything, including our music studio and everything else we cherished, but mostly our health. Just prior to this we’d just produced a special 911 Tribute CD. One of the songs on there is called Sheroes and it’a about of “Female” troops and is a tribute to them.. Simple, but a strong message. And another song I wrote many yrs. ago after watching a movie with Lucille ball where she went from having everything to sleeping on Stone Pillows and everything she now owned was in a shopping cart. I wrote a song called Stone Pillows as a tribute for the homes and how we must be careful, as we never know when we may stand in the same place.. I’m going to try and post the songs and I will send the lyrics later if you like. I hope you enjoy the message in songs..and keep us in your thoughts as well.. we struggle, but want to be a blessing to others who are suffering. Sincerely, Iris You’re welcome to email me.

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